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BF-110 Messerschmitt Zerstörer Aircraft Scale Plans ME-110


BF-110 Messerschmitt Zerstörer Aircraft Scale Plans ME-110
These are scale plans for the Messerschmitt Bf 110 Zerstörer. They are all large sheets of general arrangement and technical details drawings. 10 sheets in total and full of accurate details and technical scrap views – we've included the development drawings as well as the final ink drawings. We collected the Mylar ink drawings and test blueprints when the Scalecraft estate was up for sale a few years ago. These are first class high resolution recordings of the old plans we collected. The proportions are accurate and the files can be scaled when printing to any size you want. The x and y axi are also true (i.e. not distorted). This title is indispensable if you are intending to model a large scale electric or gas RC. They will also be very useful to 3D model makers – a very good project to tackle.

This set also includes a copy of an original BF-110D Manual (in German) with many interesting diagrams. and the "LUFTWAFFE GERÄTE LISTE"

These sheets of drawings shown are in high resolution and in full colour so that nothing is lost when compared to the original plans. The plans were scanned at 600ppi, so there is heaps of resolution in these files for any size you wish to print to. They are sized to fit onto A3 sheets of paper to be repinted from your home PC or at an outside plan printing bureau. We did not resize smaller because the drawings contain a lot of small detail and full resolution is needed for the sake of legibility.

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