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Kawasaki Ki-100 1B Japanese WWII Fighter Aircraft 4 Views


Kawasaki Ki-100 1B Japanese WWII Fighter Aircraft 4 Views

One Page with 4 views of the Kawasaki Ki-100 1B Japanese WWII Fighter Aircraft. The 1B was produced during the very last weeks of the war.

This sheet of drawings shown is in high resolution and in full colour so that nothing is lost when compared to the original plans. It is sized to fit onto A3 sheets of paper to be repinted from your home PC or at an outside plan printing bureau. We did not resize smaller because the drawings contain a lot of notes in a small type size and full resolution is needed for the sake of legibility. They will print larger or smaller as you require because there is plenty of resolution in the images but as previously noted care will have to be taken if printing smaller because the text size already quite small. We have used these for developing a CAD model and had the prints at hand whilst working. They are useful reference documents for new 3D or CAD engineering model making or display posters for private use.

1 Page - 4707 × 5552px
.Zip Download Size - 50.2mb
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