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Avro Lancaster Plans Blueprints Drawings RAF WW2


Avro Lancaster Plans Blueprints Drawings RAF WW2
Avro Lancaster Engineering drawings covering the MkI, II and III. This set contains drawings for the fuselage including the ordinate and assembly sections, the wings, tail fins, canopy, bomb bay, bomb doors, inboard and outboard engine nacelles, nose, ailerons and wing tips. It is ideal for 3D and scale model makers.

This collection has several blueprints that are not available anywhere else. Among the 133 plus drawings, this collection also contains - 1) "Basic Section" (Fuselage Cross Section) showing the precise construction geometry and measurements in Imperial Units (inches). 2) an additional Fuselage profile, D 1629 DWG No. 5 SHT 1 - Fuselage General Arrangement in full colour - all dimensions clear and legible. 3) And the fuselage General Arrangement converted to metric. All are 300ppi or higher and up to 1.5 metres long (approximately one and a half yards). With only a few exceptions, the originals only exist as microfiche now, so the only practical way of passing this collection on is in digital format.

These drawings are in high resolution and in full colour so that nothing is lost when compared to the original plans. They can be resized to fit onto A4 or A3 sheets of paper so that you can print from your home PC or at an outside plan printing bureau. We have also included a smaller file for use by those who might not have adequate memory installed into their home PC or Mac. They will print larger or smaller as you require because there is plenty of resolution in the images but as previously noted care will have to be taken if printing smaller because the text size already quite small. We have used these for developing a CAD model and had both the prints at hand whilst working. They are useful reference documents for new 3D or CAD engineering model making or display posters for private use.

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