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Supermarine Spitfire Blueprints Aircraft Plans Mk I II V IX XI


Spitfire Blueprints aircraft plans Mk I II V IX XI wwII
All of the Spitfire Blueprints we have in our collection. Much better than any book ever published on the subject of the engineering of the Spitfire. A total of more than 3,000 Vickers Supermarine Dimensioned Engineering Drawings for the Spitfire Mk I, II V, VII, IX, XI, XIV, XIX, XXI, Seafire 46 and Pontoon Equipped Spitfire. All of the 30000 through to 39000 Series drawings that we have. This item is suitable for historians, warbird restorers, people who are serious about collecting engineering drawings for this aircraft. Although most of the scans are greyscale, some of the more spectacular paper blueprints have been scanned in color. These make stunning posters or reference prints that you will enjoy working with. Also included in this set are some very nicely done post war scale plans for the Mks: I, V, IX Spitfires.

Included in this collection are the following: multiple Fuselage GAs and Fuselage Frame drawings, Main Wing general arrangements, drawings showing Rib positions and wing construction along datum plane, Wing Rib dimensions and construction, Wing Tip general arrangement and construction, Tail Plane GA and construction, Main Wing and Tail Plane fillet construction, elevator construction, aeleron construction, main and auxiliary spars, rigging plans, electrical diagrams, cockpit, coaming, rudder pedal construction, control devices and rigging, multiple instrument panel layouts, instrument panel marking, Sutton Harness rigging and arrangement, multiple tail wheel general arrangements, multiple tail fins, multiple fuselage stern general arrangements, multiple front spar drawings, multiple Front Spars, Frames, Formers, Ribs multiple Windscreens, sliding hoods (canopies), control linkages, pilot's seats, engine mount, multiple nose general arrangements, radiator fairing contour lines, Fuselage Contour lines, Fuel and Oil Tank GAs and Mounting Brackets, Oil Cooler Fairings, Undercarriage GAs, Oleo GAs, armament installation, various jettisonable tank (s), wing flaps, radiator (s), air intakes, contour drawings. Can be imported into CAD/3D applications and 2D draw applications. Files will print well from your home PC or at a plan printing bureau. Sign up for our newsletter to receive e-mail advising of new products and promotional offers.

Also included is the 180 page "Handbook for the Installaton, Running and Maintenance of Rolls - Royce 'Merlin' Aero Engines Series II" which is in full colour with many diagrams.

This set is print enabled and you will be able to import the blueprints into the CAD or 3D application of your choice as a background for manual tracing and development of new engineering drawings. . Blueprints for other aircraft types are available in our store.

If printing blueprints and manuals, use heavy un-coated (not shiny) art paper. Print full size (up to 1.2 metres) and the result will be virtually indistinguishable from the real thing to all but an expert. Set the printing to "photo quality". If going to a bureau service and printing large format, insist on using an ink-jet printer because the way an ink-jet lays down the ink produces a result that matches an actual blueprint. In the case of our manuals, the results are just plain beautiful.

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