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ME 262 Messerschmitt Factory Plans Blueprints ME-262


ME 262 Messerschmitt Factory Plans Blueprints ME-262
On offer is a total of 96 high quality Messerschmitt ME 262 Factory Blueprints, Data Sheets and Scale Drawings with dimensions. All of them are scanned in high resolution in full color at 300ppi or higher and at full size. Most are more than 1.2 metres long. Some are 2m long. Many, probably about 15 of them will make beautiful posters which in our opinion is justification enough for purchase. In fact we have some of them on our walls and they look like abstract art from a distance, but when one looks closely it becomes apparent they are "brown-line blueprints".

This product includes the following factory drawings: 8-262.100-032a. 8-262.100-032b, 8-262.100-044, 8-262.100, 8-262.100, 8-262.110, 8-262.111-007-017, 8-262.111-009-019, 8-262120-015-016, 8-262.120-017-018, 8-262.120-023-024, 8-262.130-004-014H, 8-262.130-004-014, 8-262.161-006-016, 8-262.312 GA Seitenruder, 8-262.315. Additionally, there are 23 smaller factory drawings with dimensions covering Höhenleitwerk, Seitenleitwerk, Rumpfspitze, Nivellierplan, Flügel (including very late war 1945 wing modifications), Landeklappe and Querruder etc.

The bulk of this collection came from the late Mr. Ken Bokelman who was working on the NASM Me 262 restoration project. 5 of his scale drawings are included as well. All are very respectable general arrangement engineering studies with dimensions. One in particular is very useful - it is of the fuselage cross-sections with x & y co-ordinates in table form. Wing cross-section drawings and dimensions are presented as well. Various Me 262 drawings are included in this category for the Nachtjäger and trainer. Fuselage cut-away drawings and scale drawings for rocket projectile armaments. There is also an original 1943 factory camouflage and marking guide included, a later copied blueprint covering the same subject and 25 8-262 A-1 factory marking stencils.

The Augsberg factory drawings will be useful additions to any collector attempting to assemble a complete set of factory documents for this aircraft.The documents are in .tif format. This product is for serious Me 262 enthusiasts. The files can easily be imported into CAD or 3D applications. Another important note is that these plans can be printed out full-size because they were scanned full-size.

One last note is that Mr. Bokelman was researching and recording the werk numbers and matching them with the records of the various pilots, the aircraft's fate and the fate of the pilot. We have included these documents in .pdf format along with some fantastic photos.

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