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FOCKE WULF FW-190 Blueprints TA152 Aircraft Plans


FOCKE WULF FW-190 Blueprints TA152 Aircraft Plans
This is Version 2.1 and updated with more late model FW 190 blueprints – covering the engine cowls and radiators. The original factory documents in here will completely absorb you for days. There are some additional newly mastered high resolution Junkers Jumo 213 E engine GA and cowl construction blueprints relevant to the FW 190 D-11, 12, 13 and in particular the Ta 152 E and H in here too.

There's so much in this set of blueprints you can almost hear Kurt Tank thinking and it is far better than any book you'll ever read on the subject of the FW 190:

This is for serious FW 190, A, D and Ta 152 constructors - all FW 190 A and D, TA 152 blueprints, engineering drawings, photographs, manuals for the airframes and engines in our collection. This is a massive amount of data, covering the entire aircraft. Note that the blueprints are all mechanical for the airframe - there are no electrical blueprints so far. These plans are sold for historical reference and education purposes only. They can be only used as references for the development of your own plans if you want to do restoration of build a replica. All files are the common formats accepted by all computers - .tiff .pdf and .jpg and can be easily printed or alternatively imported easily into CAD applications such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Maya, 3DS Max etc. This set is a giant leap forward for your FW project. The majority of the files are scanned as line art (black and white). Some of the files (shown below) are in colour and can be used as posters for private use. Resolution on all files is very good so that what is visible in the original is legible in the file. We scan at same size, full resolution when compared to the originals. Many are between 1.25 and 1.5 metres long, for example.

Quality and quantity:

In total there are 1,818 sheets of factory drawings. The total number of Focke Wulf Factory Blueprints of all types - 631. Total number of Focke Wulf Factory perspective drawings showing parts disassembly (exploded drawings): 703. The total number of Junkers Blueprints: 2. Junkers Factory perspective drawings: 156. Total number of BMW 801 C u D Blueprints: 1. Total number of BMW factory perspective drawings showing parts disassembly (exploded drawings): 313. Total number of post-war engineering drawings: 12. Total number of period photographs: 75. Total number of parts photos: 60.

Our products are professionally produced in every way from their content right down to the art direction on the labels. Everything is as sharp and clear as the original document. Fold-out pages and oversized sheets wherever present, are actually presented as fold-out pages and oversized sheets and are not reduced down. All scanning is done full colour at 300ppi resolution and higher. Our manuals and many of our blueprints give you the actual experience of looking at the original manual or blueprint - simply because we pay attention to detail and we scan at high resolution in full colour. Our manuals and blueprints print beautifully from your home PC or at an outside service and they are ideal for anyone collecting documents in support of a restoration project or for model makers who wish to detail from original documents. These files are PC and Mac friendly. Ideal for aircraft restorers or super-detailers, CAD/3D and enthusiasts.

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