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Messerschmitt BF 109 Blueprints, Aircraft Manuals Plans ME 109


Messerschmitt BF 109 Blueprints, Aircraft Manuals Plans ME 109 Luftwaffe WW2
Recently updated with 15 newly mastered manuals and 150 new CAD files. A total of 1,968 Messerscmitt factory engineering blueprints and an additional 1,000 plus pages of factory documents such as illustrated parts manuals plus additional parts photos and rare aircraft photos. With these blueprints and reference documents from Messerschmitt and Daimler Benz, you'll be able to make replacement airframe components and restore or remanufacture the most iconic German fighter plane of World War II. It may be that you have engineering skills and a little extra time or, you're an illustrator or a model maker. You'll be able use these factory blueprints for your project whether full size or scale. This collection is by no means complete but it is a giant leap forward for your project and a "must have" publication if wanting to learn all about the Bf 109 (Me109).

Inside are multiple canopy drawings including cross sections (E & F), multiple cowl drawings including cross sections (E & F), multiple fuselage drawings including cross sections (E, F & G) multiple wing drawings including ribs (E, F, G & K) and multiple tail drawings including formers and ribs (E & F) and multiple general arrangement drawings for all versions (E, F, G & K). On top of that there are 25 CAD drawings for the fabrication of the Rumpf section - these will save you a lot of time. 

Quite a few of the more visually interesting blueprints are scanned full size in full colour. They make great posters for private use. In many instances the manuals included here contain fold-out pages that are actually presented as fold-out pages and are not reduced down flipped sideways or otherwise ruined. All page or paper sheet scanning was done in full colour and at a minimum of 300ppi resolution - in most cases 450ppi was selected. Where our partners have had to refer to microfiche, scanning was done at 200ppi - for the sake of efficiency.

These blueprints and manuals are used in the construction and maintenance of the Me 109 or Bf 109 E F G and K airframes. They will print beautifully from your home PC or at an outside service or alternatively they can be imported into a CAD programme and manually traced to produce paths for CNC machining and other tools and forms. They are ideal for anyone collecting documents in support of a restoration project or for model makers who wish to detail from orginal documents. PC and Mac friendly.

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