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Grumman Eastern F4F / FM-1 FM-2 Wildcat Blueprints Plans


Grumman F4F / FM-1 FM-2 Wildcat. Eastern Aircraft. Blueprints, Plans & Data.
F4F/FM-1 FM-2 Wildcat aircraft engineering plans "F4F/FM-1 FM-2 Wildcat Design & Construction". 8,790 pages - all Wildcat - Blueprints, Plans, Scale and Photos. Use this title to learn about the architecture and construction of the F4F /FM-1 FM-2 Wildcat in detail. The Wildcat was the primary US Navy fighter as they entered WWII. The first mono-wing plane from Grumman was the reliable front line fighter. The Wildcat remained in production until the end of the war primarily serving from escort carriers.

Use this title to leaern about the architecture and construction of the F4F / FM-1 FM-2 Wildcat in detail from original factory drawings and blueprints. Use to develop your own illustrations, engineering drawings, scale, 3D and CAD models, education projects etc.

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