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Sopwith Camel & Pup Factory Aircraft Blueprints Plans WW1


Sopwith Camel & Pup Factory Aircraft Blueprints Plans WW1

These are the factory engineering drawings for the Sopwith Pup and the Sopwith Camel. All are scanned in high resolution at 4000+ ppi (pixels per square inch). Every detail and mark that is on the original drawings are in the scans that we have done. The drawings are all dated between 1916 and 1918.

There are a total of 547 scans in all. Some of the drawings of smaller parts suit both aircraft but there are approximately 350 drawings for the Pup and the remainder are for the Camel. It will take many months to go through them in detail but our first assessment is that using CAD or even antique drawing office techniques, both aircraft should be able to be drawn (and therefore constructed) from these blueprints.

There will be a need for some research through back reference to surviving originals and surviving components but these drawings are a very sound starting point for a full size project. In fact, our assessment is that without these drawings, your Sopwith Pup or Camel project will be much harder to make progress on.

Included are drawings for multiple gun mounts, weapon's installations, linkages, control systems, cowls, wings, ribs, struts, formers, pressings, castings, engine mounts, brackets, braces, rigging, tail planes, tail fins, rudders, elevators, ailerons, undercarriages, fuselages, fuel tanks, oil tanks, cockpits, instrument panels, markings, pulleys, bearings, bills of materials. These blueprints and plans are sold for historical reference only. You will be able to create your own drawings for approval and construction from these historical references.

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